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Best Guide to Feeding Birds In Autumn And Winter

by Dean

Nothing compares to the joy of watching beautiful birds eating in your garden. Bird feeding not only brings us great pleasure, but it also helps the birds to satisfy their hunger through the months of winter. Here is your complete guide to feeding birds in autumn and winter!

The leaves have turned brown with the arrival of the molting season. Many birds have started to migrate towards warmer climates to save themselves from the winter chills and in search of food. For those birds, who choose to stay in colder regions, it is very important to take care of them and feed them in order to protect and prepare them for the rigid weather. With this guide, we will help you feed the birds and look after them the correct way.

Should I Feed Birds in Autumn?

Feeding birds in autumn

The answer is, yes. You should definitely feed birds during autumn. While some wild birds migrate towards the south in the search of food and warmth, some choose to stay here. So, the ones who are left behind require good food to keep themselves healthy and warm during the winter months. Also, the birds who are migrating needs enough food stock to collect energy for their long trip.

Generally, autumn is the time when most of the birds tend to migrate to different regions. They need plenty of calories to cover thousands of miles. Thus, it is very important to prepare them for their flight by providing them with enough protein-rich and high-energy foods that will help them along the way.

Should I feed birds in Winter?

After autumn comes the chilly and snowy winters. This is the time when the remaining birds struggle in finding their good food sources. So, it is very important to feed as many birds as you can to protect them from the bad weather and to keep them healthy. It’s always a good idea to keep your feeders filled with winter-specific food items in your backyard. You might also end up attracting a few beautiful winter species by doing so!

In a previous article, we included a shortlist of safety tips for feeding birds. Experts advise that everyone should take precautions when feeding birds during all four seasons.

“Small birds like tits are especially vulnerable to sudden changes in food supply..”

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Best Guide To Feeding Birds In Autumn and Winter

  • PEANUTS – Peanuts are among the best food types to feed birds during cold months. Peanuts are a great source of protein and fat and hence keeps the bird warm and healthy.
  • MEALWORMS – Mealworms are excellent winter food for birds. They are again protein-rich and provide enough energy to the birds to survive the rigidity of the weather.
  • SUNFLOWER SEEDS – Sunflower seeds are high-fat sources. They are easy to serve and attracts a majority of birds.
  • SUET CAKES / BLOCKS – Suet is the best winter food for birds. This rich fat source keep the birds healthy and warm.
  • THISTLE / NYJER – Fill your feeders with thistle and let the fun begin. You’ll get to see a variety of winter-specific species making rounds of your backyard or garden.

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We have written an article that explains the top tips for attracting birds to your garden.

Now that we’ve discussed the right foods to feed birds in winter and autumn, it’s time to discuss some useful bird feeding tips.

Bird Feeding Tips For Autumn and Winter

  • Keep your feeders dry and clean. This is the most important tip which most people ignore. If your feeders are not clean and have moisture, they will spoil the food making it unsuitable.
  • Avoid clearing away fallen leaves in autumn as they offer warmth for the birds and help them finding the fallen berries.
  • Keep your feeders in safe places and help protect the birds from predators.
  • Along with feeders, consider keeping freshwater bowls in your garden and change the water regularly.

And that’s it!

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to turn your backyard into a safe haven for birds.

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